After a long and productive first year, England’s Future History has now published its 13 winning stories – along with a number of excellent illustrations – in an anthology.

‘England’s Future History: Volume 1’ will be the first of, hopefully, many volumes of short stories, each creating their own version of the future.

Download this excellent collection of short stories from some of the best new and established writers on one of the following formats:

We’d love to know what you think of our collection, so please leave reviews on the site. And if you love it, let all your friends know or tag us on Twitter (@efh_shortstory).

The next entry date for new short stories will be coming soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out when.

Feedback and praise…

“Love this!! I couldn’t stop until I was done reading!!”

“We want to know more! Love it.”

“Wow. Absolutely blown away by this story. Beautifully written and descriptive. My favourite story here so far. Great work!”

“I really enjoyed your story. I whooshed through it to the end and really wanted to know what was going to happen.”

“I was transfixed! that was gorgeous and horrifying. fantastic – literally and figuratively!!! wow! you knocked my socks off!!!”

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