Timeline, future, historyFrom 2016 to…whenever you choose, this timeline lays out the major events as told by you in your short stories.

Check back here regularly to find out what’s been happening in your world, especially if you’re thinking of submitting a short story.


  • Jellyfish start to overtake fish as the main source of food and income for England’s fishermen. (Read Jellymen)


  • Sometime before this date, the UK suffers a food crisis. Rats are farmed as a source of protein, leading to a number of rabies outbreaks. (Read Rat Farm)


  • In response to the rat problem and rising house prices, some areas of England have taken to building homes in treetops. (Read Sky castle)


  • Era of memory control begins.
  • This leads to people merging memories with their partners. (Read I want to be pure for him)


  • Following on from advances in memory control, science moves into the realm of dream control.
  • Ability to engineer and control dreams mastered. This includes erasing certain memories. (Read Wake up to yourself)
  • Robots used in hospitals as help (Read Wake up to yourself)


  • To control the growing and ageing population, a measure is brought in to permanently deal with elderly people who cannot support themselves. (Read How beautiful)
  • How long or successful this policy is isn’t clear.



  • People can chose what kind of afterlife they have, possibly using technology developed to control dreams. (Read Afterlife)
  • Was afterlife control developed to help make ending lives of elderly of more palatable?


  • Advances in cosmetic surgery, along with a changing social system, leads artists to use people are their canvases. (Read Mercy by Richard Blass)


  • Cosmetic surgery becomes mainstream with people now able to get pair of wings easily grafted to their body. (Read Second Thoughts)


  • Clones are brought in to help prevent the species becoming extinct after a fertility crisis emerges. (Read The Genesis)


  • The fertility crisis ends but the created clones must now be destroyed (Read The Genesis)


  • Areas of the country are taken over small independent rural communities who live by their own rules. (Read Thin man)


  • A nuclear attack happens in London. (Read Oh Dear).